Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mia-Faith Update !!

I have to start out saying that the last two days have been amazing!! Yesterday was almost too much to take. It started out with our plane having engine trouble and a delay in flying. This made us late getting to the Fuzhou hotel and us literally walking into the lobby and seeing Mia-Faith peeking over the railing. Everyone immediately became completely unglued. Families were called in alphabetically. (YES-Waala was last!) It was complete chaos. We had pictures taken within minutes for us being handed our girls. Then there was a rush to complete documents and interviews. We were fortunate and all of the consulate paperwork was completed after the guardian paperwork. All of the girls cried and Mia-Faith looked around and started sympathy crying. We returned to the room and as long as we didn't look at her she was fine. She chose a red stacking cup and plastic fan to play with. I did give her a sink bath and she walked over to the crib and immediately fell asleep. She slept until 7am this morning. Today she is very quiet. She will not drink but is sucking in a cookie. Our guide does not seemed concerned she is not drinking and said it will take time. She is the oldest out of this group so I think it may take her a little longer to adjust.
I have to say she is an absolute doll. She looks around at every thing taking it all in. I did purchase a stroller from Walmart today for the reset of the trip because she gets heavy to carry. Today we went to a temple here in Fuzhou. It was breathtaking. We then went to Walmart and hit the McDonalds. The fries were wonderful.
Please pray that Mia-Faith starts to feel comfortable in her new surroundings and that she starts to drink and eat. She is such a peanut!!

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Eileen said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Lindsey wouldn't eat or drink (she was only on a bottle though and 12 months at adoption) for the first 2 days. That was scary, but she started on the 3rd day and all was well. I'm sure Mia-Faith will start drinking soon. Keep us updated!