Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today's the day !!!

It is 5 AM here in Beijing. We meet in the lobby in one hour to hop on the plane. I can not believe after by tonight Mia-Faith will be with me. I pray for her. Her life will start a completely different path and what she knows will become a more of a memory.
I will post once I get my little girl and she is safely tucked in bed tonight.

PS-I am able to post but for some reason I can not view the blog. I hope these are showing up.

Dave, Harrison, Madeline, Hayden and Keaton-I love you and miss you terribly. I'm going to get our daughter and your sister !!

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Lynn said...

9:30 PM WB time - if I have this right you should be giving Mia-Faith a big hug about this time, waking up her first morning as a Waala - CONGRATULATIONS! Please have a safe trip through China and finally home to everyone who sends their thoughts and prayers your way.