Thursday, July 06, 2006

Temperature Update

We just had to post this - everything is in Celcious here and on Wednesay AM at 0900 when we went to the park on the Min River - Shelly put in the blog that it was ~100 degrees, maybe 110. Turns out it was actually 115.2 degrees - no wonder we were melting!!!!!

The good news for others who will be coming to China in the future - this super heat only lasts about two weeks about this time every summer then it cools off a bit - lucky us to have had the pleasure of this experience -- but thank heavens for AC :-) (This would also explain why climbing a section of the Great Wall gave everyone such a nice "sheen" - we were sweating to death!)

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Lynn said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your trip - Mai-Faith is more beautiful in every picture! I dropped Jill and Mike and crew at the airport this morning - the second Waala expedition has begun. Have a safe trip home - stay cool :) My thoughts and prayers are with you.