Thursday, July 06, 2006

Friday morning in Fuzhou

Today it is overcast here. That really helps control the temperature. We walked a few blocks and sat and watched the local Fuzhou people. We have gotten used to the staring. It is so remarkable watching the Chinese people. It is such a different culture. Our Guide Johnson has told us what the typical workday is like in China. Business starts around 8am. The lunch break is 3 hours resuming around 3pm and working until about 6:30pm. The break allows for folks to return home, cook and nap. Most people walk or ride bikes. Some use scooters and there are cars. Traffic patterns are a little chaotic and there is a lot tooting of car or bike horns.
We picked up our laundry last night. It was very impressive. Each item was folded and packaged- it looked like we could have sold them as brand new items.
Mia-Faith slept well. She still is not talking but is maintaining eye contact for longer periods of time. I was able to get a TINY smile by tickling her. She ate well this morning and loves the Heinz nutritional biscuits. I bought another box yesterday. I donated all the formula, rice cereal and formula to another family as Mia has no desire to try it. She turns her head away every time she sees it. I also gave away the bottles I brought as she likes the sippy cups.
We have a wonderful travel group all the families are so helpful, supportive and down right nice people. We are gathering at 3pm for a group photo. Our flight leaves this afternoon for Guangzhou. I hope the new hotel room will be a good change for Mia-Faith.
Please pray for a safe flight!

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