Friday, July 07, 2006

China Hotel

I wish I could say that our flight from Fuzouh was uneventful but that was not the case. We left the hotel and encountered rain. Our guide describes it as a small typhoon. EEEKK! We traveled the wet bumpy road to pick us Mia's passport and then the airport. Once we arrived the flight was delayed by 45 minutes. That did not seen so bad. We boarded and taxied to take off. All of the sudden there was the most impressive lightening storm. We turned around and taxied back to the gate. Once there we sat and ate for a long time. Finally we were given the OK to take off which we did. Once in the air there was lightening again. It was beautiful but scary. We arrived at our hotel after midnight, four hours later than predicted. I kept thanking myself that I actually bought a seat for our flight home. Holding her on my lap just about killed me. She is tiny but still close to 2 years old.
As for Mia-so lost it twice. I can not blame her. She is very routine with bedtime and it is 8pm. She was a trooper. She is awake now and I can tell this is going to be a long morning. We are leaving to go to the civil affairs building for her physical exam. I will post more later.
Love to all-Shelly

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