Thursday, October 12, 2006

2 year old check up and a snack

Here Mia and Madeline are sharing an afternoon snack.

The way Mia eats you would think that she would have been more than 20.3 lbs today at the doctor.

She will cozy up to who ever has food.

Sometimes she won't wait she just gets right in your face !!

Mia's doctor appointment went well. She has put on some weight. She got 1 shot today. I really struggled with what we should do with the issue of immunizations. The plan is to credit her with what she received but she will get boosters for what is appropriate. She also has some shots that she has to get that are not given in China- so all together she needs about 5. I am ultra paranoid so Mia will receive each shot one-at-a-time. Mind you some of these shots have combinations of vaccines so this just means I am going to be spacing them out and heading to the clinic to play catch up. Mia did have her hearing tested and the pressure is up in her ears but no ear infections. I did have her doctor scope out her ears for Mia was stashing carrots in her left ear one night at dinner. We are also going to go ahead with the speech evaluation.
We have had Mia home for 3 months today !

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