Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This picture is the park in Fuzhou.

Well it's gonna happen. They are predicting snow around 6pm. I have not heard if it's going to stick but just the fact that it's going to get that cold is amazing. I am not complaining because after being in Fuzhou this summer (when it was 110 degrees and totally humid) I vowed that living in Wisconsin was alright with me.....I watched the first half of my tapes from traveling to China. Brenda (my travel companion) did a wonderful job taping Mia-Faith's gotcha day. It was kind of sad to see how Mia reacted and how withdrawn she was the days following. Now that I know her expressions and personality I can tell how in shock she was. The tapes are priceless for it did capture the director and her caregivers saying goodbye-you can tell the ladies were a little choked up. We are going to watch the rest of the tapes tonight. Tomorrow is Mia's two year old check up.

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