Friday, February 16, 2007

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We have decided to start a tradition and go out to dinner with Mike, Jill, Grant, Evan and Macie as part of our celebration for Chinese New Year. Of course the food was great. The kids seemed to have a good time taking over the area we were sitting in. Jill gave the kids red envelopes with gold dollar coins and cute red Chinese pencils. On our way out the hostess asked if we were celebrating. I told her yes-for Chinese New Year. She had a big smile and said she had noticed the girls. She asked where they were from. When I told her Mia was from Fijian province and we got her in Fuzhou she became very excited because she (the hostess) is from Fuzhou. She said that she had seen a lot of girls adopted but they are generally from the north. Pretty cool...what a small world.

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-m- said...

How neat! It really is a small world! Looks like a fun time! We had our celebration at our local Chinese restaurant too. The owners really went out of their way to make it special for our adoptive families. The food served was definitely Chinese, and not American Chinese :)