Friday, February 16, 2007

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #19

This weeks theme at Double Happiness is bad photos. I have plenty. All of them are pictures taken while in China. I can not delete a single one. They all remind me of something so I can not erase them. These are my two "favorites."

First is a very unflattering one of me wearing the same clothes I left good old USA 3 days earlier in. (Remember the lost luggage episode.....) I love the coke can with Chinese writing. It tasted like heaven. (Remember it was 100 degrees......and included days of travel and climbing The Great Wall.)

Next is one of Mia-Faith. I love this picture because I am hand-feeding her. This was a major breakthrough (Remember she went on a hunger strike for days.....) It is not a very good picture of her with her eye half closed.

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