Friday, February 23, 2007

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #20

This week's photo challenge is a meme called "Gimme!" We were given a letter (by Double Happiness) we need to list ten things we love that begin with that letter.
Our letter is:

H is for Harrison. He is an awesome son and big brother.

H is for Hayden. Hayden is so special. He makes us smile. He sees the good in everything and keep us laughing.

H is for Hands. I have 5 sets of little hands that help me, help each other, pat each other on the back and give me squeezes.

H is for Heat. We desperately want good weather here in Wisconsin. We are heading into the weekend anticipating 8-12 inches of snow. Heres a picture of how it looks right now. We love the warmer weather and any indication the winter is over.

H is for Hershey. I love Hershey Chocolate, so does Mia-Faith. Like mother like daughter.

H is for Health. We need good health around here. It has been a very challenging past 4 months. We have had one illness after another. There have been record numbers of sick kids in our school district. I have become a germ freak and I am constantly telling them to wash your hands, quit touching one another... we love and need good health.

H is for Hibiscus. I love to garden. I can not wait to plant. (Yep -back to that weather thing !)

H is for Holy Spirit. We feel that God had his hands in us completing our family. It all started with a dream and was validated when we had Mia-Faith's information translated only to find out she was left on the steps of the Zhangzhou orphanage the night before my dream.

H is for Hairless...oops I mean Handsome. Really the best Husband...

H is for Happiness. We are so blessed to have delightful kids, great family, fun friends and of course the support and laughs from fellow blogger buddies.


Donna said...

Beautiful family! I love your list! Thanks for playing!


Dawn and Dale said...


That was BY FAR the best list I've seen yet!!!!! (And I've seen a lot this week!! lol)


What a blessing to have found you here in blogger land!!!

Blessings from Canada,


tracy said...

That is the best set of H's I've heard! Fantastic!

Carrie said...

WOW, I loved your 10 "H's" Very creative and for sure a keepsake for the Waala family.

Jenn said...

I just love that last picture of your kids. What a great bunch you have there.


Karen said...

Love, love, love the pictures!!!