Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We're having a heat wave......50 degrees !

Today it was 50 degrees here in Wisconsin. It felt GREAT !!
A lot of folks were out walking and I even saw a few people in shorts. What a great change from the cold. This may seem cold to some of you but it really feels warm here. It reminds me of being in Fuzhou, literally dying from the heat, and Mark and Jen (from Florida) walking around in the 100 degree heat not breaking a sweat. I guess it's just what you are used to....I'm ready for the heat.


LaLa said...

Looks like they are enjoying it. Sunny and 60 here today...waiting for Miss Annslee to wake up so we can go play outside : )

Kristie said...

Hard to believe just days ago it was so nice and now snow up to my knees. I'm with you, Spring and Summer are welcome.

Jana said...

What a FANTASTIC entry!! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment and for offering to talk to me about your experience with Mia-Faith -- she's beautiful, as are all your children. I am really concerned with attachment and bonding since Oakley's already 2 1/2 and I'd appreciate ANY words of wisdom you have to share. Hope to talk to you soon. Feel free to email me at