Monday, February 16, 2009

Got to get going !

Well according to my calculations Madeline and I will be in China in 19 days ! I can not believe it ! Our plan is to start packing this weekend. I have all of our documents ready to go. Our money has been wired- I am so excited ! When we adopted Mia we were with a very large agency. Our travel plans were made for us, we were in a large group and did a lot of sight-seeing. This time we are making our own arrangements, we are traveling alone, and have our own guide. It will be interesting. I keep wondering what Elijah is thinking -


Steve and Kristen said...

I am so thrilled for you. I have been missing China so much lately! How exciting for Madeline and how odd to be on your own. It will be amazing. Your family and Elijah are in our prayers.

Sara said...

We traveled alone also....and had our own guide...We LOVED it!!! It was so nice to have our very own guide. She was that made all the difference.

We didn't meet up with anyone until GZ...then it was only 4 families. We were still pretty much on our was amazing. I'm so excited for your family!!

Thinking of you and Eli :-)

The Wanless Family said...

OH I wish we were going together but I am so excited that your plans are all coming together!! We do have to get the kids together after everything is settled!! Safe travels and we are praying that Elijah will have an easy as expect transition into your family!! Blessings!!!
Lisa Wanless

Ron said...

We traveled alone and everything went fine. Being alone also frees up the guide and gives us his undivided attention.

I am so excited to follow this journey.

Give a big hello to Lucy for me:)

Mia's MaMa said...


The Shifflett Family said...

I am counting down the days also Shelly! Doris

Starla said...

I'm so excited to know that you are going to China...soon! We traveled along twice, and it was great! Will be following along as you meet your son!
Starla, a 3x China mom