Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Part of the challenge being in China was knowing that Russ was battling metastatic Lung Cancer. Russ had a very difficult time while we were gone. This included a number of trips to the doctor and visit to the emergency room. Fortunately Russell Jr. was there and was able to manage everything that happened.

Paula and I went to see Russ as soon as we got back. It was obvious that Russ was miserable. Three days after we returned Russ was admitted to the hospital. He has been in the hospital a week, it has been heartbreaking to have to talk to him about his prognosis, how lousy he feels and the prospect of doing home or residential hospice.

To see a very independent, active, competent 65 year-old man lose so much in such a short time is sad. We are praying that Russ finds piece of mind and inner acceptance~ he truly deserves to enjoy the time he has left here on this earth surrounded by family and friends. We have spent a lot of time reminiscing about the goofy things we did as kids and teasing him about " 'Russ'isms " (Russ tends to create his own words, uses them so often we get confused what the real word really is....)

If that is the one thing I have learned from this- do not wait to talk about all the good things, reminisce, laugh and tell those around you how much you love them.


momof2beautifulangels said...

We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Carrie said...

Shelly, I am praying for your family and for Russ's heart to receive peace in this journey. Keep remebering the good times and spend as much time together as you can....we will all survive at CMH. You are where you need to be and He will equip you for this journey too.....keep trusting Him.

Donna P. is stopping by tomorrow to deliver a few things to you and your family. We hope you all enjoy them!

The Shifflett Family said...

Hi Shelly!

I am glad to hear that Eli is doing well and enjoyed school. I am truly sorry about Russ. I know how hard this must for your family and will pray for him and you all. Take care. Doris