Saturday, April 04, 2009

Just a quick update...

Harrison- he has started track. He will be running the 2 mile. His first meet was Thursday and he ran 13:58. Harrison made Grandpa Russ a ring in art metals class. It was really impressive.

Eli- Eli had a meltdown at school this past week. He did not understand that the class needed to move on to the next subject. (He also got up early and seemed to be hungry....same circumstances that may have lead to the meltdown in China.) With the help of Mr. G Eli returned to the classroom and finished out the day. The principal was wonderful and so patient with Eli.

Keaton- We just registered Keaton and Eli for soccer. Keaton is very excited for the season to start. Dave has volunteered to coach the team. Through Mr. G we have learned that Eli did play soccer in China but in a field with really long grass that hurt his legs when he ran.

Mia-Faith - She seems to be talking quite a bit lately. She pals around alot with Eli. It is the cutiest thing to see them playing together. She loves her "tickle Grandpa".

We are obviously spending time with Grandpa Russ. He sits and watches us scurry around their house. Grandpa and Grandma listed their home and it sold in three days. We are busy packing and moving on top of everything else. We are just thankful that in today's economy the house sold so fast. We have 30 years of stuff to go through -but it has been fun talking about the memories behind the things we are starting to pack up.

A huge THANK YOU to Andrew, Carrie and Olivia for this wonderful gift.

It was delicious and such a surprise !! The kids were fascinated with the fact that it was put together with sticks and one big head of lettuce in the center.
I can not thank everyone enough for the e-mails, cards, well-wishes, offers of help and support !!


A Beautiful Mess said...

It might help Eli at school and at home if he had a picture schedule. You can ask the teacher at school to see if they have "board maker". I teach, and I have found that it really helps kids with transitions. You can find some pictures online, they tend to be used with children with autism, but I have used board maker for kids who just need to know what is coming next or if there is a change in the schedule.

Good luck!

Ron said...

Very nice pictures. I can't imagine running 1 mile, let alone 2 miles. Good luck to Harrison.

You have a wonderful family and they always are smiling.

Shawnstribe said...

so good to catch up

Don and Be said...

THanks you for the update. You sure have lots going on.
O God, be with the Waalas as they both celebrate and face some difficult times. May the gifts you have given them in their wonderful children be uplifting to them all. Bless this remarkable family. Amen.