Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 4 with Eli - Wuhan Museum

Nightime routine- noodles while watching some Chinese variety show

Picture for Hayden -0ur scientist

We ventured out today to the Wuhan Museum. It is cold and rainy today. It doesn't seem to slow things down here, although we did notice that the taxi drivers did drive a little slower.
Madeline and I decided to list ten things we already love about Eli-
1. He is incredibly cute
2. He holds the door open for us at the elevator.
3. He insists that we eat everything and equally share what we have
4. His smile
5. His belly laugh
6. His look of surprise
7. How he hoards things in his pockets
8. How proud he is of his pictures
9. How many words he had learned
10. That he is ours and that he will be home in 1 week !
Tomorrow is our last full day here in Wuhan. We have to pick up completed paperwork at the Civil Affairs office in the afternoon.
Dave is now juggling 4 sick kids. Skype has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend it ! Madeline enjoys calling her friend Lexi and we both love calling home. We are heading off to sit with another family at the pool.
Thanks again for all the well-wishes and prayers !


Jill W said...

We can't wait for you guys to get home. Only 1 week left!

Don and Be said...

I'm reliving our China journey with you. The scenes sound amazingly familiar. Eli is a cool kid. Have a good week in Guangzhou.

Kirst4 said...

Miss you, hope your all having fun. I have alot of girls at work looking to see how things are going.... Hope Dave is ok. And if he needs help we are here:)

michael.teetzen said...

Sounds like things are getting better and better each day. We can't wait to meet Eli. It sounds like he will fit in great with all the kids.

LaLa said...

Glad you are having fun! We didn't get to go to the Museum (did the SWI tour that day)...Looks like a good time : )

Carrie said...

Shelly it sounds like Eli is learning very quick how to please and to engage you both. One day even one minute at a time is an old adage but sure is true in many situations! You both are doing such a great job with Eli and I know you have to be so proud of Madeline. We will ocntinue to say prayers as you leave Wuhan tomorrow and adventure on through your journey and for the sick ones at home! Hang in there Waala family and rest in knowing that God is so much bigger and stronger than anything we endure!

Julie said...

Congrats on the addition of your new son! He seems to making a very normal transition for a child his age. You guys are doing a great job with him and keeping a list of all the positive things you are seeing is a great way to keep your focus! Things will only get better from travels!

Kristie said...

Shelly, you and your family are so amazing to me. Glad to hear all is well in China, and I'm sure the kids will get better in a jiff here in Wisconsin with dad taking care of them!

Ron said...

Sounds like all is going well. I am proud of Eli for his love of photography:)

No horseplaying, I Love it!

Valeri said...

What size does Eli wear? We'd like to send him a special gift! :)

I love your list! What an amazing little boy!!!

The Shifflett Family said...

Hi Shelly,

I am delighted to hear that things are going well. So much to love about that little boy! God bless. Doris

Sara W. said...

Shelly, you could have been writing about Quinn in this post...exactly! Quinn saw Eli watching TV and said " Look, China TV?" Then he giggled, gasped and said "noodles!!!" (he no longer says's noodles).

Looks like all is going well and normal.

Safe travels to GZ.

Our China Starfish said...

Wow! Eli has such a great smile! Praying things continue to get better each day!