Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 3 with Eli

Eli took a picture of his shoes-

Shooting at the park

Boo-Shur- (Meaning "No")
Today was a test of limits. Elijah was more insistent today. More impulsive. No was said often. He woke early and I could tell it was going to be challenging. Don't get me wrong he is still way better than 2 days ago. I had to take the camera and GameBoy Advance away but I do believe that he got the message.
We went to East Lake today. It was a good break from the hotel room. Eli asked Mr. Li (our guide) if he was going to grow up in the room before going home. We spent 3 hours at the Lake/Park and then stopped for the best Chinese food I have ever had in China. We had our own dining area - we ate soup, corn, sweet potatoes, fish, rice and a salad. It was really very good.
We then went to the hotel pool again. This time Eli wanted to put his trunks on. He jumped in twice but the pool is really cold . The pictures say it all.
When we returned to the room I was able to get Eli to take a bath. He would only let me scrub off one of the many tattoos he is sporting. He officially has no Chinese clothes left on-he likes the SpongeBob PJ's that we brought with us.
Our guide is going to plan something for tomorrow. It is a lot easier doing something rather than sitting in the room because Eli is an active little boy.
Eli can say: one, two, three, four, five, thank you, Nala (Madeline's nickname) and No. He is starting to repeat more things we say. He certainly seems to understands alot.
I have to say that bringing Madeline was the best decision ~ she has been absolutely amazing with him. She is so patient and caring.

Last night when we called home I found out that our Mia has pneumonia. Dave trusted his daddy instinct and took her in. She has been started on antibiotics. I miss all the kids terribly. I am also counting down the days until my sister Paula and her two boys meet us in Guangzhou. I can't wait for Eli to meet them and that also means we are one step closer to getting home.


Alyson and Ford said...

Thanks for allowing all of us to follow along on your journey! I'm sure you all are looking forward to getting to GZ!

Jill W said...

It is so good to hear Eli is doing better. That water sure looks cold! You have just a little over a week before you are home. It will go fast. Sorry to hear Mia is under the weather. If Dave needs anything, he can call us.

The Schmidts said...

What wonderful pictures of a beautiful little boy! His smile melts your heart. Was that hide and seek behind the chair? He will be great at it when Waala Thanksgiving rolls around! Wishing you a safe journey. Hugs and prayers are being sent your way.

Bre said...

You guys are doing Great!!! (But we all knew you would.) I loved the picture of you guys by the rocks - a typical little boy you have there :-)

Ron said...

Looks like everything is going great. I love the pics, especially the family pic.

Sorry to hear Mia is sick, hope she makes a speedy recovery.