Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Self Portrait by Eli
A new fascination
Loves to draw- Madeline pencils the picture. Eli colors it in.

Elijah Russell AiSheng

It is official - he is a Waala. We returned to the civil affairs building today and finished the paperwork. I answered a few questions, signed the forms and then finger-stamped my signature. I listened as the official talked to Eli - Eli then took his hand and stamped the forms. He was trying to be very brave. He did wipe away a tear but really did an amazing job. I can not fathom what goes through the mind of a child changing absolutely everything they have ever known...

We also found out today we have a shutter-bug. Madeline showed him how to take a picture. We now have 168 taken through the eyes of Elijah.

We stopped at a store to pick up more food that he is familiar with; he was beaming when he realized that he could buy 2 books, candy, some kind of sausage, yogurt and noodle bowls.

We are now down to 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. I managed to remove 2 wool sweaters and 2 sets of wool leggings. It was warm here today . The best part of all the clothing was when I took off the sweaters he proudly showed me a Milwaukee Bucks long sleeved shirt we sent him when we were approved to adopt him. It certainly made me smile.

Auntie Jill gave us rub-on tattoos before we left. I have to say they were a hit. The three of us are sporting tattoos everywhere ! Needless to say they are now locked in the hotel safe.

Overall it was a much better day.


Mia's MaMa said...

crying here! so very happy for you guys!

learning to type w. one hand :)

Chelley said...

The photo Eli took just really makes me happy!! I dont know what it is about it!!

I am gald that you have another day behind you and tomorrow is a fresh new day!

Truly Blessed! said...

168 photos through the eyes of your son --- those will be precious keepsakes!

So glad things are going better, but you know the road will continue to be rocky (as it should be with a child Eli's age), so I pray for grace and strength and wisdom and understanding and a whole lot of humor for you all to get through it!

Congratulations to your whole family!

Jill W said...

Congratulations Elijah Russell AiSheng Waala! What a brave little guy! I love his pictures. Each day will get better and better. I am glad the tattoos are a hit.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

What an adorable and smart boy. Congrats!

Bre said...

Shelly, Logistics is checking you guys out!!! Tell Eli he has a ton of people excited to see him!!! (and of course both of you back safely :-)

Carrie said...

Children are just so amazing and the things they can teach us about change and acceptance through their eyes is even more incredible. They really are looking through the eyes of God......pure an unconditional acceptance. I can already see Shelly how through this whole experience God is changing and shaping your heart for orphans. You are being obedient to what He asks from all of us and He will bless you for it! And for Madeline to be a witness to this all will mature her little spirit in so many wonderful ways as well....such a gift! God is blessing your new relationship and helping Eli to form a new family in his mind one day at a time.
Keep taking those beautiful pictures Eli!! You are making your mommy proud! God's perfect peace to you three as you go into another day soon. Keep trusting Him to show you!
Oh and I LOVE Eli's middle name too! :)

Valeri said...

Ron will be pleased to know he is a shutterbug!

I am so glad to hear that Eli had a much better day today. He is beautiful!!!!

Don and Be said...

Re-living our adventure through you 2 - sorry ..... 3. We wish only the best for your tribe .... it will happen .... you are SO patient!

Barbara said...

I am so happy for you today! And will certainly be drilling you for advice in the future! Great pictures!

suzanne said...

Shelly- I just saw on the Jitterbug website that you were in China adopting Eli. Congratulations! I was so glad to read things were going better today. It must be wonderful to have Madeline with you.
We adopted Sydney in Sept '06 and are currently waiting for our LOA from China for our daughter from Jiangxi. And we are using AAI!
Eli is such a cutie! Congrats!

Ron said...

Awesome news! Every day will just get better and better.

It's great that Eli likes photography, it's a great hobby.


Sonia Gilmartin said...

Hi Shelly,

Another Jitterbug here!! Congratulations and I hope the transition is smooth, especially for Eli.

Best wishes,

Sonia in Ireland

The Shifflett Family said...

Hi Shelly,

I am delighted to hear that Eli is adjusting. He sounds like a brave little boy! I am sure each day will get easier and easier. We will continue to pray for him and your family. God bless. Doris

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!! Your new shutterbug is such a handsome little guy!!

Jerelene said...

Congratulations on having Eli joining your family..he is a beautiful little boy!! You are truly blessed!!