Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 8 with Eli

This morning we waited in our room until Mr. Li called. He called at 10:30 that everything is set to get Eli's Visa tomorrow at 3pm. Yea !!
We had a great day. We walked to the park and watched the local folks do Tai Chi. Paula even joined in on it- it is amazing to watch. We let the kids play in the park. While playing in the park Eli spotted tadpoles in a small pond. He caught a bunch of them with Andrew and put them in a left over Gatorade bottle. Eli is fascinated watching them swim around and around. We ate lunch at Lucy's cafe.
In the park Tai Chi was replaced by Hacky Sack. It was so fun to watch. These folks are amazing. They played and laugh for hours.
We then ventured to the Temple of Six Banyan Trees. Again there were offerings to Buddha and chanting. Eli is able to chant along with the ceremony which makes my think his foster family must have been Buddhist. After a little difficulty hailing a taxi - then flashing 50 RBM -we were safely returned to the Victory Hotel. The kids are now watching Nims Island. Today Eli has said Mama twice. He certainly looks for me when we are out and about. I am very excited to get him home. I purchased a gift today and told him it was for "Baba"- he got a big smile. I can't wait for him to meet Dad, Harrison, Hayden, Keaton and Mia.


Barbara said...

Glad to see such happy moments! AAAHHH... and to hear him call you MAMA!

Kirst4 said...

Hi evryone... Gla dto hear that he is getting closer to you. I think it would be great to see the temple. When you get home I'll be right over to see the pics. Luv u all.

Jill W said...

Just a couple more days and you will have that sweet boy home with the rest of the crew!

Sea Star said...

A few more days and you will be home! I've just been catching up with your adventures with Eli and I have to say that he is a very handsome little guy. Hoping he continues to transition well.

Ron said...

Looks like you had a fun-filled day. Love the family picture:)

Looks like someone is a baseball fan.