Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last day in Guangzhou- Day 8

Laundy done !

Cold kidney beans under ice cream

This is our last day in Guangzhou. We are settling down for the night. Our suite cases are packed. We went to the American Consulate today to pick up Elijah's visa. The woman who gave the group (32 families) the oath -pointed out a few families and we were one of them. It was cool. She said our 32 children have joined the over 70,000 adoptions that have come out of China.
We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and it was delicious !!
Eli has had a great day overall. Paula and I were talking about how amazing it is that it has only been 8 days since his life was turned upside down.
So that deserves another Eli list-

1. We love his radiant smile
2. How he can sometimes understand what we are trying to say to someone and he interprets for us !
3. How he is an eating machine
4. His over dramatic facial expressions
5. His new love of the bathtub- wouldn't go near one in Wuhan
6. His use of "Mama" twice today
7. How he thinks the tadpoles that have died are "sleeping"
8. How well he sleeps at night- he is still sleeping on the hard ground.
9. His use of the words; OK, Thank You, Goodbye
10. How he sings to himself in Chinese as he skips down the road.

This will be the last post as we have to meet in the lobby at 7:30 am. We are taking the train to Hong Kong. We will be in Hong Kong for 1 day and the flying home. I am very nervous about the flights back. I am praying that there is a flight attendant or passenger that will help interperate if needed. I did have Mr. Li explain to Eli today what is going to happen in the next 48-72 hours. Please pray that things go well !


Michelle said...

I have enjoyed following your journey to Eli. He seems to have made great strides in such a short time. I bet his "Mama" is music to your ears.

I will pray for safe travels for all of you!


Bre said...

Safe travels!!! Can't wait to talk when you return! Again, such a lucky boy to have found such a wonderful family :-)

LaLa said...

I hope you have safe travels home with your Hubei Honey : )

Cow and Bridge YUMMMMMMM..... I miss China : )

Alyson and Ford said...

Safe journey home! Thanks for sharing your family adventure...

Jill W said...

Can't wait for you to get home! Praying for safe, uneventful travels home.

Steve and Kristen said...

We've been praying for you and will continue. I'm so glad to see that Eli is adjusting. He looks happy and I love your lists about him.

Ron said...

Great news! Everything will be fine. Enjoy Hong Kong and talk to you once you are back on home soil:)

PIPO said...

I'm just getting back in the groove after the trip home myself.

Congrats on your newest family member. What a gift he is!

Safe and speedy travels home.

Sea Star said...

Hope your travels back are filled with good times!

M and M Girls said...

Lots of prayers and hugs. it will be a grand adventure.
Diane and girls

Don and Be said...

Thank you for the wonderful documentation of your journey to Eli. It brought us back to last summer when we traveled to Joanna Mei. A safe and uneventful trip home to the 3 of you.
JMei, MamaBe & HomeDaddy