Monday, May 15, 2006


I spent time today gathering some of the paperwork needed to travel. Fortunately I received a nice list and directions on what I need to get together from AWAA . There are 4-5 items that require we visit our friendly notary again. It would be a little less work if Dave was able to come along. I am getting a little nervous because our fingerprints are going to expire while I should be traveling, and that can not happen. I requested to be reprinted in April, but have not heard a thing. Our home study agency is going to check on this for me. I am heading off to the post office to send our Foreign Travel Bond to the state.
Harrison is getting better. He saw his pediatrician today who thinks that Harrison's headache threshold is low. Because of the previous concussion and then catching a virus-this caused him to get so sick. All I want is good health and no headaches for Harrison.

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